Artist Statement

When I photograph the forest, I have a constant sense of my place between the roots underfoot and the interwoven canopy of branches above. I feel connected to what once existed, as if the pine needles and fallen logs hold memories of the past. And as I wander through the open spaces, the growing bushes and swaying boughs make promises of future possibilities.

The forest changes with each passing moment and the photographs I take connect me to these moments as I tell their stories. I search for golden sunlight as it streaks across tree bark, rain as it polishes the leaves and saturates the colors, overhead blue light as it falls into dusty violet shadows. These images occur between the transitions of day and night, calm and storm, reality and fantasy, fleeting moments of magical light that become forever real once they are photographed.

With my photography, I seek to capture these extraordinary in-between images and evoke a connection to someplace you may have been, if only in the flash of a dream.



For a few days each year after the autumn leaves drop into the pond water, I photograph images for Elixirs. Brilliant leaves from beech trees, clethra and cork bushes collect along with golden pine needles at the water's edge. As sunlight flashes through overhanging brush, the leaves ride the ripples like small boats and form naturally rhythmic patterns. Using a longer exposure time, I capture an intoxicating mixture of recognizable images, abstract forms and illusions. Reflections of blue sky and powdery clouds swirl with leaves, creating fragrant bouquets and luxurious potions that are the wild essence of water, trees and light.


Fire Dance

Photographed after a controlled burn in the Myles Standish State Forest, a lush pine forest transforms into an unusual and beautiful world in my series Fire Dance. Delicate charred boughs stretch over a sea of yellow pine needles. Charcoal branches twist through brilliant oak leaves. Intense heat turns bark waxy red and moss glowing green. And sunlight streaks through the forest like memories of flames. These images transform the familiar into the unexpected and capture the tension between destruction and beauty.


Light Nests

In seasons when woodland bramble and thickets are not covered by leaves, warm sunlight streaks through blue shadows, defining undercurrents of repetitive lines and forms that appear to glow from within in my series Light Nests.



I photograph a pine grove throughout the seasons to capture magical end-of-the-day moments in my series Enchantment. As the sun hangs low on the horizon, light streaks deep into the woods. Red light curves through the atmosphere, blue light falls from above and tree trunks turn magenta. The approaching night evokes a conflicting sense of unknown danger and exciting adventure. The forest feels accessible, yet idealized—on the edge of a familiar memory and a fantasy tale.



Vertical camera panning and slow shutter speeds paint light across a winter pine forest in my series Splendor. Images smooth into simplified forms. Sunsets burn across tree columns, blue shadows smear into snow, green pine boughs glaze the air, points of light streak into rays. Brief camera pauses capture essential details, shadow images of rough bark or frosted branches vibrating with cold. Splendor portrays the contrasting drama and calm of winter.