Solo Exhibition, Art Complex Museum, 2015 (photo: Paul Camello)

Solo Exhibition, Art Complex Museum, 2015 (photo: Paul Camello)


I work primarily in series, thinking of the images as elements or themes within a larger visual story. When I photograph the natural world, I have a constant sense of existing in the thresholds where the earth, water and air interact. As I wander between the roots underfoot and the growing canopy above, I feel connected to what once existed and future possibilities. I capture photographs that occur between the transitions of day and night, calm and storm, reality and fantasy, fleeting moments that evoke a connection to a place you may have been, if only in the flash of a dream.


Since graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in History of Art and a minor in English Literature, Diana has enjoyed merging the visual arts with writing and storytelling. After college she studied art, design and photography in Los Angeles and worked at the Frederick Weisman Art Foundation, Pacific Design Center, with interior designers and as a photography assistant.

Diana expanded her writing skills while writing and managing the Los Angeles Times’ Summer Camp Fund; and creating instructional materials for publication, programming and exhibits for the California Science Center. Diana published poetry for children in Jack and Jill Magazine and the National Science Teachers Association Magazine, Science and Children. She has edited published books on autism and organizational development, and was managing editor for the Journal of Transformative Education. More recently, Diana worked on eight sold studio screenplays as a story, plot and character editor, including Take the Lead starring Antonio Banderas and The American starring George Clooney.

Throughout her life, Diana has returned to the woods and ponds of Southeastern Massachusetts. She is a volunteer steward for The Nature Conservancy and supports Friends of Myles Standish State Forest. Her fondest memories are from this area and it is the place she now calls home.